Writing a Stronger Offer
(for Buyers with Financing)

Not knowing your mortgage facts. It's kind of hurting your business as a Buyer's agent. Let's be honest. The 30 hour Real Estate Finance class did not teach you how mortgages really work. It doesn't teach you what questions to ask the Loan Officer, how to prep your buyer to move quickly when under contract, and how to structure a purchase offer to win against a cash offer.

If you're helping buyers and struggling to get them under contract, then this course is for you. Understanding how a mortgage works isn't just something Loan Officers need to know. Agents need to know the basics, need to know what questions to ask and when to ask them. This course is for Professional Development purposes, and CE credits will be posted to TREC if students pay for the course.

About Your Instructor

My name is Ben Strube. I run a Texas mortgage company, Mortgage On A Mission. I've been a retail banker at Chase Bank, and I've trained junior Loan Officers on everything from preparing Pre-Approval letters, reviewing underwriting guidelines, reviewing Title Commitment letters, and finding the best wholesale lender for the home buyer's needs. I bring my experience with a wide variety of loan origination, processing, and underwriting activities as the instructor of this course. I work with agents with 10 years of experience, and brand new agents. I've heard your questions. And I made this course to answer them. TREC has reviewed our curriculum and approved it for 7 hours of CE credits (TREC school #10529, course #41910). CE credits are awarded when students pay for the course.
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